Jul 10, 2012

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Every New Year’s Eve my friends and I try to predict the future. We speculate on who will get married or pregnant, who will win the super bowl, whose Hollywood career will implode. We write it all down, read last year’s predictions, and eat lots of soup. Its fun.

One of my NYs rezzies was to blog more. Clearly, I have been shirking the task – only two posts thus far. But I have a plan to catch up on my sharing shenanigans. I started another site called TinyTüts (short for tiny tutorials). Over the next few months I’m going to attempt to empty my brain into bite sized video morsels showing you how I do some of what I do.

I have no goal other than to share. If there’s something you’ve been dying to know… CALL A DOCTOR! YOU’RE DYING! Then send me a message thru Twitter or Tumblr.


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