Teach Me How To Brushy
Jul 19, 2012

Hi. Watch this fun lil’ PSA I directed for Oregon Dental Association. It’s got hip-hop, dancing kids, and oversized toothbrushes. What more could you ask for? I know, right!? Honored to work with the mos deft Grady Britton to produce this. Brush yo’ TEEFS!


3 responses to “Teach Me How To Brushy”

  1. […] don’t forget to watch that. The Portland agency Grady Britton created the song and video and Jesse Rosten directed the video. We want to kiss all of you all over! Scroll past the video to see the lyrics […]

  2. Rachael Purganan says:

    Just wanted to Thank you for Giving my son this opportunity! He had so much fun. I love this picture too. He’s the one dropping the toothbrush at the end 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    Not 30 minutes before watching this video I realized that Weird Al or someone should have done a parody of LMFAOs Shots about the terrors of shot after shot of immunizations. Glad someone is on the same page 😛

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