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  • Busy, busy, busy.

    No rest for the weary. I was in Cleveland last week working on a campaign video for a US Senate race. Had one night in my own bed and then was off again. Spent last weekend in Santa Rosa filming pro cyclist Levi Leipheimer during his Gran Fondo ride. Lyn and I enjoyed a thrilling day wrestling the Red and a tripod on the back of a couple of motorcycles. Thumbs up to Bill and Chad our excellent moto drivers. Thumbs down to the angry rancher who used his truck as a weapon, driving over my tripod bag and stopping literally inches away from a *very* expensive camera. I’ll tell you the story over drinks sometime.

    I’m home for a week now, long enough to catch up on some last minute editing before I fly off to Colorado to shoot a wedding. Can’t wait to see the fall colors in that part of the country. I leave you with a few iPhone shots from the last few weeks of whirlwinding.