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  • Month on a Moto


    It’s Sunday night and I’m leaving in the morning for a month-long trek on my motorcycle. The plan is to roll back to Minnesota (from California) with my dad for his 50th high school reunion, then split off and solo up through the Canadian Rockies and back down the west coast. The thought of a month on a moto gets me a wee apprehensive until I remind myself that I’ll never be more than a few hundred miles away from a Starbucks or a Walmart (shudder).

    No, this is not a gear sponsored trip. Nope, not planning on timelapsing all 5000+ miles. Not even sure I’m going to take a camera other than my iPhone. I want to truly experience this trip instead of frantically trying to capture every second with thin-sliced DoF and hasty slider moves. I think sometimes it’s OK to just live in the moment and not worry about visually mediating the moment to others.

    It will be challenging, maybe even numbing at times, but I’m definitely expecting an adventure. If you want snapshots from the road or the occasional update sprinkled with snark, follow me on Twitter: @jesserosten

    Trying out a fun little app on this trip called Instamapper. As long as I have cell service (which might not be too often thanks to AT&T) you should be able to see where I am on a map. Special prize if you’re able to catch a pic of my bike. Here’s a shot of the BumbleBeemer all packed up and ready to roll. Why, yes, those ARE pelican cases on the side. Thank you for noticing.

    (It’s a BMW R1200 GS for all you oilhead boxer fans out there. Thanks Lyn for the help with the pic. )

    Got some great projects coming up when I get back. Ciao for now!


  • Cart goes to Mammoth

    A little news update: Cart was accepted into the Mammoth Film Festival and will be screening this December. I am tickled a very particular shade of coral. I created the film with a Redding audience in mind and am thrilled that the film has legs outside of this town. Another honor is that Cart will be the opening short of the festival. It’ll appear along side the feature Rock Slyde, a comedy starring Patrick Warburton (AKA Joe from Family Guy) and Andy Dick. Check out the trailer for Rock Slyde. It looks really funny. If all that news isn’t exciting enough for you, consider this: Mammoth Mountain has over 3500 skiable acres. See you on the mountain?