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  • ‘Building Houses’ Music Video

    The thought of dying scares me to death. So I made this video hoping to convince myself it won’t be that bad. Turn it up, watch it full screen.

    Building Houses by Wesley Jensen (from Battles EP)
    Directed/Edited by Jesse Rosten


    A Few Details:
    It’s hard to remember where I met Wes. We’re both from the same small town where everyone seems to know everybody. I remember seeing Wes in concert a few years ago and they played “Building Houses” as an encore. A shower of confetti accompanied the song. It was very moving. I suppose that’s where the confetti idea came from. I came up with the rest of the concept a little while later and, after about a year and a half, finally had the time and resources to get this one done.

    I’m indebted to Rick Barram who was my goto guy for everything Civil War. Rick, along with the 72 New York Volunteer Infantry reenactors are the reason this video looks period correct. Thank you so much guys for helping make this. Also, huge thanks to Trevor Meier who flew down from Vancouver to be my right hand man during the shoot. He was an “Epic” help. Big ups to Tyler Faires, Lyn Rosten, Raul Gonzo, Anna Brown, and Josh Fulton, too. And, can’t forget my dad, who helped me make the confetti cannons we used during the battle scene.

    Wouldn’t be a proper post without some goofy behind-the-scenes clips. This is probably less about the camera and lighting and more of a string of one-liners from my crew. They seriously crack me up.