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  • HV20 Underwater Housing

    After a few failed attempts at building an underwater housing device for the Red (can you say large open tupperware with a viewing window at the bottom? Me neither), I settled on the simpler task of building one for the lowly Canon HV20. It was pretty easy to do, actually. A few pieces of ABS from Lowes, a little pipe dope, some teflon tape, and a used filter attached with silicon. The final setup setup looked kind of like a weapon with its nifty handle (which I filled with lead weights for stability)

    Location of choice was Clear Creek right beneath the falls. Most of the healthy salmon split once I jumped in the ice cold water. But I found this little fella’ that was too blind and sick to scram. So what exactly is all that ick on his face? Well it’s Ich. Or more specifically, Ichthyophonus hoferi. Ich (pronounced “ick”). It’s a well-known disease, (caused by a parasite) and is harmless to humans. It starts as white spots on the fish’s heart and spreads outward to the skin. Ick, indeed.

    And while we’re on the topic of fish, please enjoy the photo below of a monstor salmon found in our own Battle creek – Lyn’s old fisheries biologist stomping grounds. The fish was dead when found but was estimated to weigh around 90lbs when alive. You can see from the photo that this fish is about the size of a cow and probably would have fed a family of three for an entire winter.