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  • Cart goes to Mammoth

    A little news update: Cart was accepted into the Mammoth Film Festival and will be screening this December. I am tickled a very particular shade of coral. I created the film with a Redding audience in mind and am thrilled that the film has legs outside of this town. Another honor is that Cart will be the opening short of the festival. It’ll appear along side the feature Rock Slyde, a comedy starring Patrick Warburton (AKA Joe from Family Guy) and Andy Dick. Check out the trailer for Rock Slyde. It looks really funny. If all that news isn’t exciting enough for you, consider this: Mammoth Mountain has over 3500 skiable acres. See you on the mountain?

  • Cart – A Short Film

    Ever wonder how abandoned shopping carts end up where they do?  Me too.

    Written & Directed by Jesse Rosten
    Music by Peter Lance

    The idea for this film was hatched a few years ago.  Lyn and I were driving through town and had Radiohead’s OK Computer on the CD player.  As we drove by an empty parking lot, we happened to notice a shopping cart looking rather lost and disheveled.  This visual, combined with Yorke’s longing melodies, had us both feeling like we were experiencing something dramatic and cinematic.  So, naturally, we started laughing.  The next few minutes were spent joking about “the little cart that could.”   “Wouldn’t that be funny if…” “He’s got the heart of a champion.”  Fast forward a few years and we hadn’t forgotten about the cart.  When I learned that my hometown was hosting a film festival to showcase local talent, the idea of the shopping cart resurfaced. Can’t get shown up on your home court, right?  A few beers with friends and many script revisions later and we had a story.

    The film was shot with no budget, over a few weeks.  The question I get asked the most is, “how did you get the cart to move?”  Simple.  String.  Ugly Braid 40lbs test fishing line to be exact.  We went through several brands before we found one that didn’t show too much on screen.  Even so, when shooting at 4k it’s hard to hide anything and I ended up having to comp the string out of a few of the shots.  Big thanks to Derek and Lyn for all their hard work on the production.  Also, this film wouldn’t be what it is without the beautiful music composed by Peter Lance.

    Please enjoy the film and don’t hesitate to ask (in the comments section) if you have any questions.  For the tech-heads, this was shot on a Red One with Canon EOS lenses via the Birger lens mount.

  • Best of Festival


    Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to enjoy the festival. Our film “Cart” took top honors at the festival. Yay!