Stella’s Xmas Adventure
Dec 20, 2012

There was wine involved in the hatching of this idea. So it’s only fitting that this film was paired with a little bit of cheese. What can I say? I’m a softie for this dog. Here’s a picture from the wrap party with our enormous cast and crew. Looking forward to working with this talented actress again even if she is a little bitch.

SXA Crew

5 responses to “Stella’s Xmas Adventure”

  1. Bert says:

    Great film… Our ‘Lucy’ couldn’t get enough of it! Hope you are having a great holiday.

  2. Jen & Lelu says:

    Hi Stela – My name is Jen and I am the mom to a 3-1/2 y/o Boston named Lelu. We have enjoyed watching your adventures. We have just found your videos. Looking forward to more of them.
    Blessings and Boston kisses
    ~Jen & Lelu~
    From Sequim, WA

  3. Brilliantly done. I am working with Brian Rueb and he sent me the link to your work. Had to say props to you on this one. Love the feel. perhaps we will be talking soon enough. Take care.

  4. Tim Barbini says:

    That was great. You are a very talented dude;)

  5. bonnie kellogg says:

    Aw shucks … this just about had me in tears !!! It just amazes me how you get such great shots of Stella running, riding, “posing” … GREAT movie !!!

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