Stella’s Adventure
Dec 23, 2010

Presenting the continuing adventures of our wee beastie, Stella.

We shot this about 6 months ago for Sunset Magazine and have been keeping it on the down low while they used it internally. Excited to finally share.

Quick backstory: through the power of the Internets, Sunset Magazine (West Coast Lifestyle Magazine) found last year’s day-in-the-life flick of Stella and wanted something similar. The goal was to showcase a particular pet-friendly road trip in Northern California and Stella was just the dog for the job.

Since Stella responds best to her owners, I decided it would be most effective for Lyn and I to be out in front of the camera for this project. It was an interesting experience directing from the business end of the camera. Thankfully, I had the brotastic Tyler Faires lensing this one.

One of the unique challenges with this project was that all of the scenes needed to be in chronological and geographical order of the road trip (although I’ve deviated a little in the above “director’s cut”). It was a fun challenge to create something that is half narrative, half documentary, two-quarters music video, and seven-eigths social commentary on the proletariat exploitation of industrial unionism by the neo-Marxist class of socialist objectors. K, maybe not that last part. Just seeing if you were still reading.

I threw together a few behind the scenes clips since that’s what the kids do these days. Thanks for watching!

This was a relatively low budget project and I have many volunteers to thank for helping make this project happen.
Crew: Tyler Faires, Ryan Hutchinson, Foster Lovelace, and Daniel & Michelle Gallagher for helping shoot the last scene which was cut. Sorry guys, at least we got to hang out. Additional Thanks: Greg Dean from The Fly Shop, Sports LTD, Chester Chamber of Commerce, Treats Dog Company, Hat Creek RV and Resort,
Mt. Shasta Farmers Market, and Gawayne & Shelly, Chloe.

25 responses to “Stella’s Adventure”

  1. Awesome video! I loved the mood of this piece and it definitely makes me want to go on a road trip through california.

  2. Jaakko Leppo says:

    “and seven-eigths social commentary on the proletariat exploitation of industrial unionism by the neo-Marxist class of socialist objectors”

    Such a smooth story telling – nice work!

  3. Heather A says:

    really? seriously? ahhhmazing? fantastical!
    i heart california!

  4. Mark J. Ryan says:

    Enjoyed the videos!

    Up in Mt. Shasta Making videos myself.

    You do side work?



  5. Ben says:

    Love your work as always Jesse. What a great way to create some memories and get paid for it!

  6. Jesse. I stumbled upon your work yesterday and am captivated, inspired, and refreshed. Thank you so much for sharing your work with the world. I am excited to follow what you come out with next.

  7. Leslie Klein says:

    I loved the video for so many reasons: the location (our favorite area/Lake Almanor), Stella, the music, and your visit to Treats, our favorite dog shop. You visited one of the most beautiful areas in California–BUT DON’T TELL ANYONE.
    Enjoyed–great work.

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  9. Craig S. says:

    I’d like to buy the song. Who is it?

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  11. Jennifer Miller says:

    Really great video and REALLY cute little Boston you have. I have a Boston too and they are just so special little dogs. So glad I had the pleasure of viewing your video of Stella. Tks!

  12. Ruth Cook says:

    Loved Stella, loved the scenery, loved the music!

  13. curtis says:

    I love your blog man! Always cool to see behind the scenes stills/videos along with the actual work.

    I try and do the same with alot of my work.

    Hey please check out my dog day out video if you have a minute. Thanks.

  14. Eric G says:

    As a lover of Boston Terriers and roads less traveled, this video touches on multiple fronts… and brings a tear of joy to my eye. So wonderful.

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  16. Alexander says:

    OSUM video! Loved it tons. Gonna watch it few more times.
    Question. Who is the song by?

  17. This is ABSOLUTELY B E A U T I F U L work!

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  19. peichin says:

    Can you share the spots you went to in the roadtrip? I couldn’t find any article about this on Sunset magazine’s website.

    Thanks! awesome video!

  20. Levi Johnson says:

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder of what the North State looks like. Definitely comforting to see it, being so far from home. I miss California!

  21. Kylie Wickham says:


  22. Tomi Adewale says:

    Hey Jesse,

    I just discovered your work through your Fotoshop by Adobe commercial. That was amazing, and so is your other stuff! I particularly enjoyed the video of your dog. It’s really beautiful!

    Plus, I appreciate the tutorial on Kinetic Typography. I’m trying to build up my motion graphics skills, and it’s been really helpful! You are now my official mentor from far away!

    Thanks for the great work and the tutorials.

  23. Lizzie says:

    I also just discovered your work via Fotoshop by adobay.

    Total dog lover and Stella’s videos are, well, Heart Sweet! Makes me smile! Keep up the awesome work!

  24. Hello
    I love this video. So cute. Our house is in it makes it even more special. Thank you.

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