New and Improved!

new_stickerIt’s been a long time a-comin’ but the the new site is finally up and running. Big props to The Mike for all his stellar design work. Is there anything this guy can not do?  I submit that there is not.  He took WordPress and bent it to his will like Moses parting the Red Sea. Or like that little kid in the Matrix that bent the spoon (there is no spoon).  The design is not quite finished so stay tuned for a homepage and some additional refining. 
I debated for awhile on how to break up the content of this site into categories.  The challenge is that I wear many hats – director, cinematographer, photographer, motion designer.  Most of the time, I’m wearing all those hats at once.  Aside from the obvious fashion faux pax this creates, it also contributes to my small identity crisis.  I know it’s cliche, but I really DON’T know what I want to be when I grow up.  I am, in fact, hoping that I never grow up but that’s another tangent for another time.  In the last few years I’ve learned two things about myself.  

1. I love visual storytelling.  This can take on many forms, film, commercial, music video, photo, or animated piece.  

2. I love light.  Light is, after all, what creates an image in the first place.  

It’s safe to say that this blog will most likely cover anything that falls under those two topics.  Which is a round-a-bout way of giving myself license to cover anything under the sun.  Feel free to RSS subscribe to the blog so you can be notified of new posts.  If you’re not using RSS you are missing out.  Or you can stay up-to-date via Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks for stopping by.  And, hey, let’s be friends.


ps. I grabbed some of the more “industry related” content from the old blog and republished it here.  So while the blog is new, there are some entries from last year.


  1. Michael Tersieff says: July 29, 2009 at 11:25 pmReply

    There is only sporks.

  2. James Moes says: July 30, 2009 at 8:24 amReply

    Great work! … now when do get to see Cart?