Light Leaks, Have Some.
Jan 31, 2011

I’ve had few inquiries about how I did the light leaks in Growing Is Forever.

The process is simple. Take the lens off your camera and shine a light on the sensor until you see something you like. Or if you’re super lazy (like me) you can download a clip with all the light leaks I used in the film.

Drop it above your footage in your timeline, set the blending mode to screen or overlay, and season to taste. I used an LED light to make these clips so the footage is in the blue/magenta spectrum. Try tinting the footage warmer for a more filmy feel. Have fun!

You can download these from my public dropbox folder here:

43 responses to “Light Leaks, Have Some.”

  1. Drew says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for the share!

  2. josh says:

    Way to open-source your awesome, Jesse! Keep it up.

  3. Benjamin Rowland says:

    Thanks for the clip! I’ve been using a similar clip in a national cable show for some transitions. It’ll be nice to have some more variety.

    all the best,
    Ben Rowland

  4. Thanks for the light leaks. I used them here, if you care to see:

  5. […] I edited in Final Cut Pro and then exported to After Effects to do some color correction. I used Magic Bullet and Sapphire Film Effects to do some desaturation and played with curves and gamma to pump up the reds a bit. Also added some light leaks to make the image even more intense. I created some light leaks myself in After Effects and tried shooting some with the GH2 without lens too. If you like light leaks you should visit Jesse Rosten’s site who wrote a short article about light leaks, he was also kind enough to share his own light leaks as well (If your too lazy to create it yourself) Check out his site here […]

  6. Daniel Bean says:

    Very nice. Thanks for the generosity. I’m going to have fun playing with these!

  7. Ra-ey says:

    Very cool and generous of you to share.
    Many thanks.

  8. […] in our lives. Jesse Rosten is here, and he is sharing the lightleak clips he used in this film here. Go get […]

  9. Daniel Bean says:

    Hey Jesse, thanks for the light leaks! I used a couple on this video:

  10. […] Special thanks to Jesse Rosten for the light leaks! See how they work here. […]

  11. richard says:

    thanks a lot for these. really useful

  12. These effects are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them openly. This is why I will keep coming back to your website jesse 🙂

  13. Lisa says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing these light leaks and the technique – I’ll definitely try it out. Your Growing Is Forever video is amazing and the light leaks are beautiful.

  14. alin says:

    sweet 😀 thanks for the share 🙂

  15. Brandon says:

    I can’t seem to find how to download the clip with the leaks. Would really love to play with them. Your video looks great! Thanks.

  16. Brandon says:

    Never mind. I think I have it now. Thanks for posting.

  17. Shea says:

    I’m probably just dumb, but how do I download the clips? Thanks in advance and thanks for sharing!

  18. Shea says:

    Nevermind! The button did not show in Firefox, but I see it in chrome.

  19. rafael says:

    My appreciation for anybody who share his work with others.

  20. ben says:

    thx for sharing!!

  21. loula says:

    Thanks a lot ! it helps !!! cheers and love from france

  22. N J says:

    Thank you, will try to put these to good use!!

  23. Brian M says:

    Just wanted to say a quick thanks for sharing these – very generous of you and much appreciated.

  24. Louis Blythe says:

    Thanks for that mate! I will be sure to add some to my next video!

  25. Quentin Cooper says:

    It actually inspired me to build a whole load of my own light leaks to have for stock, thanks for the freebie, its very nice.

  26. Will Moss says:

    Excellent work, sir … Open source creativity much appreciated!

  27. YU says:

    thanks !!!!!!!!!!

  28. YC says:

    thank you. 🙂

  29. young says:

    thanks, great job

  30. una says:

    thanks, it’s very useful !

  31. gino says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. john001 says:

    Thanks for sharing

  33. Elex says:

    Thank you very much~~~

  34. ZidanC says:

    Thank you, Jesserosten!

  35. shi says:

    Thanks for sharing:)

  36. […] totally fell in love with the way they connect the music and the pictures here) are downloaded from Jesse Rosten´s Blog, made some on my own the way he describes it. Nice idea, just take the lens off the camera and […]

  37. […] totally fell in love with the way they connect the music and the pictures here) are downloaded from Jesse Rosten´s Blog, made some on my own the way he describes it. Nice idea, just take the lens off the camera and […]

  38. B. Moye says:

    Hey Jesse,

    Awesome work you’ve got here and I love the videos you’ve produced on your channel. Is there anyway you might consider reposting the .zip with the light leaks inside? It appears to be missing.


  39. Vegasaur says:

    Thanks for posting this!
    If your readers are interested in some more freebies, check out our free collection here:

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