iPad + Velcro
May 19, 2010

Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last. Note: this is an exploration of what is possible, not necessarily what is practical. Tweet from the street at your own risk!

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  1. nice clip 😉
    can´t wait for this neat thing (3G) to arrive here in europe …

  2. aj says:

    oh. my. 🙂

  3. jedi says:

    Hey – which tango are you using as background music for the ipad+velcro video? I loved the video and loved the music!

  4. jesse says:

    Thanks Jedi. Song is La Cumparsita.

  5. Fausto says:

    Did Velcro pay you?

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  9. […] have come together at last. No I don’t mean duct tape, we’re talking velcro here. Jesse Rosten created a video about the potential possibilities of the iPad and velcro.  The video illustrates […]

  10. Kyle says:

    Great video, wonderful concept but for the love of god how can you stick velcro to a $500 plus beautiful piece of electronics…

  11. jesse says:

    Kyle, it was really easy actually. The adhesive did most of the work 😛

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  14. Oz says:

    Jesse… You da man.

    Please make more videos with the iPads.



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  16. missyeley says:

    i love this video! shared it on my blog too.
    keep it up jesse! great works.

  17. Ryan says:

    Thanks Jesse.

  18. pagd says:

    It is not Velcro(R), it is Velcro Brand hook and loop fasteners. There is no such thing as Velcro.
    Besides, I used to work for Velcro (R) and tried very hard to get the consumer div. to adapt to the ipod markets. Guess what, they closed the marketing div. down, fired everyone for having great ideas and changed our bright packaging to a dull and boring clipart looking package.
    BTW: Rosten, be carefull with the Industrial strength adhesive, it only lasts a year. Make sure your surface is clean before attaching tape. Also, rule of thumb, 1 lb. for 1 square inch of tape. another warning, I’d be carefull removing the tape from the dashboard, it will over time ruin your dashboard.
    Good luck.

  19. Jesse says:

    Great work! This is the BEST video for iPad.
    You should send it to Apple.

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  23. Amy says:

    Hilarious. *Thumbs up*

  24. Julie says:

    I thought I wanted an iPad…now I want an iPad AND velcro….legend!!

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  26. Joe C says:

    This video was like looking into the face of God and him smiling back saying “you are my most wonderous creation.”

    Great video! I told my wife that I will be purchasing some velcro for my ipad this weekend!

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  28. Brent Jones says:

    iPad + Velcro + bacon grease spatter from stove = priceless

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  31. jesse says:

    Joe, thanks for the W. Ferrell reference. That made me laugh!

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  35. rick says:

    Would definitely buy a cover of some kind for the iPad and put the velcro on that instead of on the iPad itself, but aside from that part… GREAT VIDEO. I have more to do with the iPad when I finally get one now that you’ve pointed out so many terrific ideas. You made the whole iPad more functional with your velcro video than Apple can with their site or any commercial they’ve produced. Your video would sell more iPads I assure you. Great video. Well done.

  36. Thom says:

    What was that Jamie Oliver app you demo in the kitchen shot? I can’t find it on the app store.

    Great vid, by the way, LOVED it!

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  39. Great video! Regarding the staying power of the adhesive – I used to keep my ipod velcro’d to the dash of my car. Over time the heat of the car softens the adhesive and the velcro cloth will come off/slide off due to gravity. It’s especially problematic with a smooth surface like the back of an ipod or ipad or iphone.

  40. Aline says:

    ipad is one of the mankind’s greatest inventions??

  41. Aline says:

    oh… where’s flash? xD

  42. jay says:

    Does the velcro also charge? iPad is useless if your battery runs out.

  43. Pavel says:

    1. Sticking iPad where the airbag bag comes out is dangerouse
    2. It might also fall on you at night ))
    3. The entire house would be covered in stickers…. not that appealing ))
    4. You cant use a protection cover (skin)

    Great idea for 20% of the iPad users, still a large share of the market.

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  46. jesse says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Regarding safety issues: please don’t take the video too seriously. They’re just suggestions. Some more tongue-in-cheek than others 🙂

  47. Allécto says:

    I was like – OMG, OMG, OMG don’t fall! xD

  48. Allécto says:

    Oh yea, and I agree with Rick on “You made the whole iPad more functional with your velcro video than Apple can with their site or any commercial they’ve produced.”

  49. Like the Fruit says:

    I think it’s a great idea…

    But wait…won’t you need wireless connectivity to use it as a GPS in your car (or motorcycle)???

  50. CuteDrop says:

    […] Mas para uma sugestão bem humorada e experimental, é altamente eficaz! Créditos de Jesse Rosten. […]

  51. […] is pretty amazing, although it somewhat ruins the Apple aesthetic. […]

  52. Egzon says:

    OMG, this would be awesome, i just need an iPAD!

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  54. SarahCat says:

    Very entertaining video with an excellent choice of a music bed. It played like the TV spot from hell! My favorite comment was the safety and ‘sticky’ walls comment from ‘Pavel’. A close second was the ‘does it charge’ comment from ‘jay’.

    My iPad 3G arrives a week from Thursday. I’m going out to buy a mile of self-stick Velcro this weekend so I can paper every room of my house, my car and my motorcycle with it. Can you tell me where to buy the Velcro with the iPad charger built in?


  55. ken chan says:

    This is a piss take right? This should be in the onion…..

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  57. Dan P says:

    Ha! The sound of the velcro is awesome. Funny and thoughtful video. 🙂

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  61. Paul says:

    To bad you didn’t convert the video to Quicktime so I could watch it on my iPad.

  62. Jason says:

    I officially want an iPad. Well-fricken-done.

  63. Roberta says:

    o velcro eu tenho, só falta o iPad

  64. Jeff Williams says:

    We appreciated the video.

    “No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously.” – Dave Berry

    Thanks for having fun with it Jesse and not taking the iPad or life too seriously.

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  66. jesse says:

    Paul, see link in post.

  67. Good job Representing Nor-Cal talent on Tek-Zilla’s video blog.

  68. Bella says:

    Now I just need an IPAD for my VELCRO!!!!

  69. This is an awesome video, I want to try it all!

  70. EC says:

    Bravo! I have plenty of Velcro (TM) now all I need is an iPad!

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  73. Sperry says:

    Bloody Brilliant!!! MOAR!!!

  74. […] have an iPad on the way (tho its taking a while for Apple to send it!!) but saw this on jesserosten.com/2010/ipad-velcro and thought it was genius. I especially like the […]

  75. Wonderful. Now I need to go get an iPad for my Velcro!

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  77. Angelo says:

    A very nice video – you’re a genius! – but why haven’t you tried also with reading?

  78. ray says:

    Just saw this on Clix (CNN en Espanol). Genial!

  79. Casey says:

    Just saw this on Apple.com! AMAZING idea. I mean, I already wanted an iPad, but I never would have thought to add Velcro to it for all these applications. Some useful, some not (on motorcycle? I’d be so scared of it somehow flying off). Either way, just wanted to show my appreciation!

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  85. […] Jesse Rosten brings two of mankind’s greatest inventions together in this video below. Enjoy. […]

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  89. Excellent video! Found it on Apple’s site but just had to explore your site too. Thanks for your clever and witty video. I loved it. Had to show it my wife (who I don’t seem to see as much as BEFORE I received my iPad). See ya.

  90. alex says:

    Does the Velcro come off the ipad easy?

  91. […] è piaciuta così tanto che il video iPad + Velcro realizzato da Jesse Rosten è stato ospitato sul sito di Apple. Si vede che con un pezzo di velcro incollato sul retro del […]

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  93. Franz says:

    The movie was added at Apple website!
    Il filmato è stato aggiunto sul sito Apple!


  94. […] Jesse Rosten brings two of mankind’s greatest inventions together in this video below. Enjoy. […]

  95. Ben says:

    WOOW thats genius great idea 😀

  96. Ken Clark says:

    Absolutely Awesome!!! I have to get an Ipad now. Started by to school trying to finish my degree after retiring from the Navy 3 years ago and this thing is awesome… I use the Iphone and Ipod Touch for everything, Apple has changed my life 🙂 Thanks Jesse!!!

  97. Caston Sacmon says:

    I really would not put, or suggest you to put, anything, especially something with the mass of an iPad, in the area of where airbags deploy.

    If you got in an accident the iPad would smash against your face in less than 50 milliseconds at over 100 miles per hour.

    I just plugged in the data into the Talor KO Calculator, which is used to calculate stopping power of ballistics.

    44 Magnum = 20
    12 gauge shotgun = 53
    iPad with Airbag = 2265

    This would most probably, kill anyone sitting in the front passenger seat area.

    Great idea if you want to get rid of all the iPad users.

  98. jesse says:

    A Taylor KO Calculator? I think there’s an app for that. 🙂

  99. Caston Sacmon says:

    Ha Ha Ha… Hey, its a cool video though, nice work!

    Maybe we could develop an airbag app, so it would be safer. So when the airbag goes off, an app on the iPad deploys its own airbag simulation.

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  105. Jake says:

    Way cool, but i have to tell you that I caught a little blip in the sequencing of of the cooking scene….the clock stats off at 1:04 and the next shot has it at 1:00….sorry, I just notice stuff like that! Love the shopping cart movie too!

  106. samuel says:

    why would you do that to your IPAD…. VELCRO on that gorgeous body come on…..

  107. Traci Menge says:

    Pish Posh to those who say “Don’t put an iPad where the airbag deploys!” If someone puts it there then maybe they deserve to be hit in the head if they get in an accident! LOL

    I train teachers in the art of using education to create movies and podcasts. One area of difficulty is coming up with interesting ideas of what to do, where to do it and how to do it. You have taken simple ideas and created a very cool way to show others how to do it. Keep up the good work!

    BTW….velcro will NOT be going anywhere near my iPad anytime soon. 🙂

  108. […] iPad in the car for the trip, he wants to use Googe maps while we are travelling, so I showed him this video I found and he has decided to do it! To attache the iPad to the car with velcro!!! Funny […]

  109. Darren Hester says:

    This should definitely be THE official iPad commercial! Wonderful!!!!

  110. iPad + velcro = work of art says:

    Awesome i tried it with iPod touch IT WORKS LOL

  111. David Schmidt says:

    Nice Suzuki GS 650!

  112. Ion says:

    I love it! check your video at my website nelows.com 🙂

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  114. […] Rosten, der bereits mit seinem Video iPad + Velcro über 1,4 Millionen Zuschauer auf Vimeo begeistert hatte, kommt nun mit einem neuen Video, in dem […]

  115. […] est aussi à l’origine du kit “Ipad – velcro” et du “Strobist Jet-Pack” dont les résultats sont plus que probants. […]

  116. Adrian Wong says:

    alright i dun think you’re the only one who come up with this idea.. cuz i had this idea and i was doing that too in my dorm room, months ago
    and that really kills off all those wall mounting device nonsense lol, great idea this

  117. you = creative.

    I swear you could work at or for apple Jesse.


  118. moreh says:

    i like it!!!! jajajaj i love it!!

  119. Camilla says:

    Jesse, I am not a filmmaker but I venture to say that we will hear more about you. I say you are OSCAR material. Your films are innovative, original, and soooo very refreshingly entertaining. Well done, young man. Well done.

  120. Zaljereck says:

    I have to say mate, I have done this with the higher gate velcro(the really course one that sticks RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.) with my iPod for use in my car. And the female part of the velcro(the one stuck onto the surface) kept coming off. I think I’m going to use the “less sticky” velcro like you did. Seems to work great!!! 🙂

  121. Jo Babs says:

    Apple dropped the keyboard & those fantastic hinges from the MacBookAir and somehow “forgot” to design an affordable, allround usable iPad holder.
    Users than start to invent their own “good solutions” to fix this practical problem.
    For instance Velcro-taping their iPad onto an Instrument Panel in the area where mostly the Passenger Airbag is located!
    SMART IDEA ? ? ? Duh !!!…
    …yet Apple putting this video onto their website is priceless!

    Let’s hope that the next generation iPad comes with some nice reliable hinges and a solid stand.

  122. […] to their iPads so they can mount the gadget wherever is convenient for them. Rosten, who created a videoshowing the various ways one could mount their iPads on dashboards, bicycles and walls, said he came […]

  123. cholck9 says:


  124. Katie says:

    Like I needed another reason to want one!

  125. Evi says:

    You make me wish I could afford some velcro!!! 😀

  126. k6ka says:

    iPad on the ceiling = WIN.

  127. Massiel says:

    Amusing and very clever. Made my day.

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  129. […] Rosten’s fun project iPad+Velcro video was actually put on Apple’s website, which garnered him a modicum of fame and access to bigger […]

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