iPad Shopping
Apr 26, 2010

I wish I could say I was writing this post on an iPad. Alas, the Apple Fairy has yet to bequeath unto me the “ultimate mobile multimedia device” (Job’s words, not mine). But instead of sitting around pining over my iPadlessness, I’ve decided to mock up another iPad “experience.” I’m not going to say much about this one since it’s pretty self explanatory. Combine the convenience of shopping online with the familiartiy of a print layout. Sprinkle in a dash of novelty in the form of “living portraits” and wrap the whole thing up in a sleek, hand held device. I think this could be an interesting way to shop.

The footage for this demo came from a stock footage fashion shoot we did a couple weeks ago. Here’s a little bit of randomness from the day:

And just because the ladies did such a great job, here’s a few more clips of them posing.

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  1. Dan P says:

    This looks pretty awesome! I especially like that you added the color picker feature. It really makes a huge difference when the model is moving!

    I have a feeling a lot of people will go crazy about this. 😉

  2. Sean Bird says:

    I was pretty impressed but then you went and did the color picker thing and blew me away! Very impressive vision indeed!

  3. jesse says:

    Thanks for watching, guys.

  4. Ryan Prouty says:

    As always, pure talent. Excellent execution.

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  6. Alex says:

    Wow. Such a polished look to it.

    What programs did you use to make this?

    The way the screen flicks and smooth is on point, as well as the zoom in and outs. I like how the menu bar that pops up for the color options looks like the real thing. Did you create the menus from scratch? Even the “Add the Cart” button has the proper animation.

    And what software did you use to change the color for the dresses? I can see that the red dress wasn’t entirely masked when it switches to seafoam, and the red is still reflected into the arms with the black dress.

    It’s done really well. Totally inspirational. It would be so great to learn how this was done. Even a post about it would be great. Thanks!

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  8. James Aitken says:

    Top idea there, Jesse. If only you could sell it.

  9. Michael Carr says:

    Mr. Rosten, this is an excellent experience! You have a brilliant mind. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kyle says:

    As cool as the is, this should be labeled “internet shopping”. There is no reason why you would do this specifically for the iPad and not for PCs. None the less, awesome.

  11. jesse says:


    I used After Effects to animate the user interface. The dress color change was also done in AE using the hue/sat filter.

  12. nathan says:

    That’s brilliant! haven’t seen anything quite as thorough using the living portrait concept. Excited to see this move forward in the industry….and anxious. Hope your well!

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  14. Brian says:

    Like your work. Wish I could see it on my iPad. Just empty space…..

  15. Ben says:

    You are talented on what you do keep up with the awesome work wish i could be as Professional as you.

  16. Robert says:

    Wow really cool!

  17. JoseOrtez says:

    I love it! Seems I am a bit late in watching this but its still very fresh. Very well done!

  18. Ken says:

    Stumbled on your site from a facebook share of your Fotoshop ad and landed here, apologies ahead of time for raising the dead on this old post though lol.

    Wow, thats a great concept! I run an iOS agency, and my head is spinning trying to figure out how feasible this is, if at all. The moving portraits really do bring it home, but thats a ton of work that you just don’t normally see out of retail clients.

    Would love to land a project thats half as good looking as this demo though!

    Lovely work!

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