Moto Euro 2012
Dec 11, 2012

I spent last October zipping around Europe with my significantly lovely other on a pair of motorcycles. We did the Europe sampler: Germany, Switzerland, a corner of France, Northern Italy, and Austria. It was my first time in Europe and I was thrilled to do it on two wheels.

I wanted to create something different with this video (in addition to not spending too much time shooting on vacation). My goal was to combine the inherent nostalgia of photographs with the storytelling power of motion and sound. The result is a unique look at our trip that might induce seizures.

Technical details are boring. Nevertheless, this video is a little unique and probably deserves a little deconstruction.

I took three cameras with me on this trip: GoPro Hero2, Fuji x100, and, as always, the iPhone. The motion sections of this vid where shot with the GoPro in 0.5 time lapse mode. That’s one picture every half second. Most of the B&W snaps where from the other two cams.

Not every shot worked at 2fps. I had to take special care to move slow and smooth, always leaving something consistent in frame for the eye to follow. I think the jumpiness worked stylistically and I tried to match that feel with the way I edited the piece. There were a few shots that I really liked but were just too jittery so I stabilized them with the old-school motion tracker in After Effects. Warp Stabilizer didn’t work. It had seizures.

Speaking of post, the nice thing about shooting 11mp stills (I opted for 5mp to save space) is that my footage was essentially 4k. Not a bad output from such a little camera. I used After Effects to assemble the stills into 12fps video clips. I left the assembled video clips at their native resolution and aspect ratio of 4:3. This gave me the flexibility to zoom and reframe shots as necessary.

I think that about covers it? Hit me in the comments (or on Twitter) if you have more questions.

5 responses to “Moto Euro 2012”

  1. Joao Santos Silva says:

    Great video!! Your videos are inspiring. I´m going to create also a video with all the events of 2012 using my cell phone photos. Sorry to be bothering you bu let me ask you a few questions to get a better result. Did you use an iphone or DSLR,..? I see that for example the airplane entry it has a lot of photos and all are with the same colors and exposion. Did you fixed the aperture and exposion?
    What software do you use to create this photo video?

    Next time you must visit Portugal. We are very welcome, great food and the weather is fantastic.
    You’re welcome.


  2. Jens Schaller says:

    Jesse Rosten did it again! This video is so awesome, thanks for sharing. It really is my favorite video of the year.


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  4. Truly inspiring, Jesse. Thanks for sharing!

  5. you, in austria, with a bike. we should have met to share a street for some hours 🙂

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